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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Breast milk couriers help working mothers in Indonesia

Breast milk couriers help working mothers in Indonesia

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      Nursing mothers in the Indonesian capital who have to return to work but want to keep feeding their babies have a novel service they can turn to for help – a breast-milk courier.

Breast milk couriers help working mothers in Indonesia
A babysitter feeds Abraham Pratama Prasetyo breast milk from his mother Lenny Rukiya Tampubolon, who is working at the office 15 km away from home, in Jakarta  Photo: Reuters
Motorbike couriers, bottles of expressed breast milk pumped in the office and stored in cool bags slung over their shoulders, battle their way through Jakarta's choked streets with their precious cargo.

Grandmothers waiting at home caring for the infants can then feed the babies with the freshest mother's milk, rather than resort to powdered milk that many feel is inferior and less healthy.

The service – which charges just £2.20 to £3 for each delivery – was set up in 2010 by Fikri Nauval, 40, who runs a cargo and document shipping business. He was inspired by his own wife who used his couriers to send her breast milk when she had to return to work.

On Jakarta's notoriously clogged roads Mr Nauval's couriers can take up to an hour to make a delivery. But he keeps the journey time as short as possible using computerised maps and GPS trackers to monitor traffic trouble spots.

"I would like to help this nation build a better generation by helping working mothers deliver breast milk to their babies at home," said Mr Nauval.
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